Australian teenager on the run asks police to use better picture of her on Facebook

You know how you go to the DMV to get your license renewed and they never give you an option to retake your photo? 

"I think I blinked, can I take an...NOPE! Next!" 

So you're then stuck with a driver's license that makes you look like you had a few too many for the next 4 years. I have yet to meet someone who thinks their driver's license photo looks good. And while there are exceptions, you'd probably be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks their mugshot is flattering. If you're arrested, chances are you're in a bad mood. People in bad moods don't take good pictures. 

However, if you manage to escape from police custody, and they put your unflattering mugshot out on social media, resist the urge to send them a better picture! An 18-year-old girl in Australia managed to escape custody and when police put out her mugshot on social media, she couldn't help but chime in from wherever she was hiding. 

"Can you use this photo please and thank you," Amy Sharp replied, attaching a photo she considered more flattering. 

Her post helped police find her and she's now back in custody. No word on if her new mugshot was up to her standards. 

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