Lewiston neighbors help fight garage fire

Members of Yakima's Explosive Ordinance Disposal team helped Chelan County deputies dispose of blasting caps found in a shed near Plain, Washington, Sunday night.

Deputies say they received a call from a man cleaning up an estate on Pine Tree Road in the Chiwawa River Pines Community who said heĀ found 19 blasting caps in a shed on the property. He reported the find to sheriff's deputies around 2 p.m. A deputy came to the scene and confirmed they were indeed blasting caps. No other explosive materials were found in the shed.

The 53rd Ordinance Company from Yakima was contacted and responded. The blasting caps were taken to a large sand pile at the county shop area on Chumstock Road near Leavenworth.

Deputies say a controlled demolition of the blasting caps happened around 7 p.m. Deputies say despite the loud explosions from the demolition, there was never any danger to the community.

The blasting caps had apparently been stored in the shed for many years by the previous owner.

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