Update: Avista's efforts at restoring power to thousands of customers around Spokane continue, with just 1,866 customers remaining without power Thursday morning.

Avista says power has been restored to over 30,200 customers, about 94 percent of the 32,234 who lost power at the height of the storm.

“We want to thank our customers for their patience as we’ve worked to restore power to all customers who lost power this week as a result of this unusual storm,” Avista president/CEO Dennis Vermillion said. “We understand living without power during cold weather can be difficult. We continue to dedicate all available resources to restore the remaining customers.”

An average of four customers is affected by each of the remaining outage incidents, with restoration still estimated late Thursday night around midnight.

Update: Avista continues to work diligently to restore power around the Spokane area, with just over 2,000 customers without power as of Thursday morning.

A snow storm overnight Tuesday through Wednesday led to over 30,000 customers being without power, but Avista was able to restore power to over 25,000 customers Wednesday evening. Avista has since restored power to at least 4,000 more customers since then.

The majority of the outages are in the South Hill area. Avista remains hopeful to restore the remaining power late Thursday night.

Avista plans to give an update to media members on the progress Thursday at 10 a.m.

Previous coverage: Avista is continuing to work on restoring power through the night in 'challenging, time-consuming and labor-intensive' conditions. 

According to Avista, power is restored to 80 percent of the customers who have lost power. 

Avista is estimating the majority of power will be restored by midnight Thursday. Avista says critical customers such as schools and hospitals have been restored.