Deanne's Disappearance: Beauty school student, mother remains missing

Deanne Hastings hasn't been seen since Wednesday at noon on surveillance video at the Latah Trading Company Store off of Highway 195.

"She was excited for life, a new beginning, that's what she was here for," explained Siobhan Brown, Admissions Director at Glen Dow Beauty Academy.

Deanne had her first day of beauty school the day before she was last seen. She never showed up on day 2.

"Everyone here is really concerned, worried, and also confused," said Brown.

Deanne's fiance, Mike Tibbets, has been searching for her. He found her car on Tuesday night in the parking lot across from the Knitting Factory in downtown Spokane. In it was her purse and phone.

"She didn't take any clothes with her, no makeup, she didn't take anything," he explained.

"Her whole life is at this whole new beginning mark and hopefully it's not ripped away from her," said Brown.

"I think the worst things, but I hope not," said Tibbets.

If you have any information about where Deanne Hastings, 35 years old, may be, you should call the police, or Crime Check at 509-456-2233.