SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Hoopfest is celebrating its 30th anniversary June 29 and 30. This year they will have 422 courts across 45 city blocks. But before the tape gets placed on the streets, the backboards have to be prepared. 

The process includes wrapping the wooden backboards with the corresponding court's sponsor that's printed on vinyl. Typically the Hoopfest team reapplies more than 200 backboards out of the 422 each year.

This includes new sponsors, damaged vinyl, or new designs from returning sponsors. 

Wednesday, May 15, the team was out at their warehouse with Liz from Grid Mark Signs who has been printing the Hoopfest backboards since 1996. Since then, they've perfected the lengthy process to get ready for the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament on the planet. 

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