President Joe Biden introduced new executive actions on gun control Thursday as he says America is facing an "epidemic" with gun violence.

The president ordered the Department of Justice to write new rules to help regulate "ghost guns" which are usually homemade, don't have serial numbers and are largely unregulated.

He also signed new regulations on stabilizing braces, which let you accurately shoot a concealed pistol, like it's a short rifle.

He also told the DOJ to create model "red flag" laws, that states can follow, which let families or police ask a judge to ban someone from buying guns if that person poses a threat.

KHQ spoke to local gun shop, Sharp Shooting, and they said they don't know if these executive actions will affect anyone yet because the legislation is stalled in the senate.

But they said one thing that isn't changing is the high demand for guns and ammo.

"Ammunition is toilet paper 2.0," said Jeremy Ball, General Manager at Sharp Shooting.

Ball said their gun and ammo sales have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic.

"Whether its political events or social unrest, I think this going to be our status quo for a while," Ball said.

In 2020, Ball said nationwide there have been 8.5 million new gun owners.

More gun owners, means more people needing ammo.

"I have gone to a number of stores, the racks are completely bare," said gun owner, Bob Herby.

Ball said their ammo flies off the shelf, so much so that they have to limit the amount of ammo customers can buy a day.

"We have a supply and demand problem," Ball said. "Manufacturers are working 24/7 and there is still not enough to meet the current demand."