SPOKANE COUNTY - If you live in north Spokane County, your kids are going to love some big changes coming to Bidwell Park this summer.

Tuesday, June 11, a $7.5 million dollar project towards the park was approved, and it'll be much larger than an aquatic center this time around.

On North Hatch Rd, you'll see a slide and a few umbrellas, but mostly, you'll see 20 acres of big open field, but not for long.

Spokane County is hopeful that in two years, this park will be the new hot spot for more than just swimming.

Pretty soon, construction will start on softball, volleyball, and basketball courts, and starting at the end of summer, an expansion to the aquatic center.

But, the park will be for more than just sports. This'll be the park you come for outdoor concerts, BBQ's, or even a heated splash pad in the summer months. Kris Krohn is a landscape architect for Spokane County, and he laid out the designs for a new nature playground, several picnic spots, and he said in the winter, there will even be a hill dedicated for sledding.

The pool area will have two large slides, a splash pad, and more deck space. But don't worry; none of the construction will start on the aquatic center until after summer break. Krohn said he's hopeful the aquatic center updates will be ready in time for next summer, while the rest of the park will be completed in 2021.


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