SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A new bill in Spokane Valley would make the sport known as "dwarf tossing" illegal.

"Dwarf tossing" is a game seen in many bars and strip clubs across the county, which involves contestants picking up little people and throwing them as far as they can.

But one mom is helping lead the fight to make it illegal in Washington. 

Ginny Foos is a little person. So is her son who goes to Gonzaga University. 

He happened to pass by a billboard advertising "dwarf tossing" at the Deja Vu Showgirls strip club in Spokane Valley.

"I'm particularly concerned about that it is occurring among inebriated people that leave the bar and think they can do that to just anybody," Foos said.

After hearing how many little people were offended by the billboard and the fact that "dwarf tossing" was happening in Spokane Valley, Senator Mike Padden started working on legislation to ban it from the state.

"I hope it's eradicated by the time I have grandchildren so I don't have to worry about it," Foos said.

Under the bill, a bar or strip club that allows "dwarf tossing" could lose its business license and face a $1,000 fine. 

A similar bill was passed in Florida in 1989.

"Dwarf tossing" in Idaho is legal right now, and at this time there are no bills that would ban it.