SPOKANE - Memorial weekend is a time to relax with the family, but the fun had to stop for three Spokane kids, when their mother, April Constance, noticed something was wrong.

"My daughter turned around, and she was like mommy, something is on me. She had like 6 of them on the back of her neck, and it immediately started bleeding," Constance said.

That's when she knew, the black flies are back, and they're aggressive.

"When she woke up this morning, the whole back of her neck was completely red. Not just the bumps, everything was red and it was swollen and it was hot, really hot," Constance said.

There were hundreds of comments on KHQ's Facebook post about the black flies. It seemed like everyone was getting attacked this weekend. And not just kids, dogs too.

Julie McElroy, from WSU Master Gardens, says it's just that time of year again. The black flies are somewhat new to Spokane, and appear in late spring, but should be gone by summer. If you're going outside these next few weeks, McElroy has some tips on what to wear.

"Personally, I wore a full net yesterday when I was working in the yard," McElroy said.

If you don't feel like wearing a net to the lake, she said long sleeves and long pants work too. But, something all of the pictures sent to KHQ have in common, is the flies are going for the back of heads, necks.

So, here are some tips to stop the flies from biting. Get a bandana, and put cedar essential oil drops on it, to mask your scent, and wrap it around your neck. When buying bug repellant, look for a spray that has heavy-duty DEET, it provides protection against biting insects, and you can see on the bottle how much DEET is in each bug spray brand.

For dogs, "Pet MD" recommends spraying lemon water on their underbelly before going outside. If your dog already got bit, veterinaries recommend cleaning the wounds with warm water and mild soap, and keeping them indoors away from the flies until they're healed.

"They're tiny, they're only about the size of a sesame seed, but as you know, they cause a lot of blood," McElroy said.

Doctors say black flies typically don't carry any disease, but the bites can be itchy, so apply aloe vera.