Bloomsday runner statues get festive

Across the street from Spokane City Hall are the Bloomsday running statues. Every year, the statues get a spruce of color, and they come to life, and it's all thanks to Lala Gerber "22 years now. This year is the 22nd year. I have been doing it since 1997."

Lala has boxes of t-shirts from years past that have been donated by people so she can continue her tradition and the people of Spokane can't get enough of it “They really like it. I think that's why I keep doing it. Because its super exciting to see people walk through here and talk about the shirts and everybody has a story like oh I ran that Bloomsday and this is the year I did it with my mom and kids walk through here and their parents are like I did this one and this one."

But once the race is over, sometimes the shirts are gone, and Gerber doesn't know where they end up. But Lala hopes they end up with those who need it the most, and she is always looking for donations “If you want to donate unwanted t-shirts I have a Facebook page its called Bloomsday t-shirts for a cause, and I’ll take them."

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