Boat crash victim's family speaks out

Friday, two men were charged in connection to the boat crash that claimed the lives of three people.

After more than a year of waiting, families of those who died this is just the beginning.

Bradee Axmaker is Justin Luhr's sister.    

As she fought back tears on the phone from her home in Alaska, she was nonetheless relieved to know the man who allegedly took her brothers life is now facing charges.

 “I know that nothing is going to bring my brother and his friends back, but as adults we have to be held accountable for what we do,” Bradee Axmaker said.

Dennis Magner is now charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of conspiracy to conceal evidence.

"Justin, Justin, and Caitlyn finally have a little bit of justice that it's holding Dennis and Collin responsible for their actions,” Axmaker said.

The indictment, obtained by KHQ, accuses Magner of being the one who drove his Mastercraft into the boat carrying Justin Luhr, Justin Honken, and Caitlyn Breeze.

And rather than take the blame, investigators claim Magner, who allegedly was drunk at the time, staged a cover-up.

The indictment accuses Magner of convincing passenger Jonathan Collin Sweat to lie to investigators and say he was driving that night.

But, it took 13 long months to get to this point.

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office presented their findings and recommended charges all the way back in February.

“It's hard when these individuals have just lived their lives and now my nieces don't have a father,” Axmaker said.

For Axmaker, she hopes that this story will help people see the damage one alleged mistake could make.

“Going out on the lake and doing these things with your family are fun things and being irresponsible can ruin the fun for a lot longer than just one day,” she said.

Bradee is pregnant and in honor of her brother, she tells KHQ she’s going to name her baby boy, Justin.

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