PHOTO: Minnesota Domestic Violence Death

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - SWAT Team members with the Minneapolis Police Department have the home of a domestic-violence related shooting suspect surrounded.

Officers responded to reports of shots fired around 10 a.m. central time, according to NBC News.

When officers arrived, they found two young boys with gunshot wounds lying in the snow out front of a house. The suspect believed to be responsible for the shooting was seen running into a home where more gunfire was heard.

Officers attempted life-saving measures, but both children died.

"This is a horrific scene, this is a horrific call." John Elder, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department, said. "It's tough to put this into words. You have two children that are out playing in the snow and they're killed. There's no sense to that. There's no way someone can come up with a good explanation for this. This is horrific. This is a tragedy."

Officials say the shooting appears to be a domestic situation. It's not known if anyone else is inside the home with the suspect.