festival at sandpoint lawsuit

The Bonner County legal team has filed a motion asking the court to rule that the City of Sandpoint cannot ban guns at the War Memorial Field during the Festival at Sandpoint. 

In September 2019, Bonner County filed a lawsuit against the City of Sandpoint after the city was seeking to ban people from carrying firearms at the festival.

In a release on Wednesday, Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler said, "Idaho is a gun rights state, and our legislature has passed a series of laws that vigorously support all Idahoans having the right to bear arms."

According to the lawsuit"Sandpoint's direct regulation, and regulation by lease creates a cloud of uncertainty, and a chilling effect, with regard to the right to exercise Idaho rights." 

The festival has featured a star-studded-line-up the past few years with names like Nathaniel Rateliff, The Avett Brothers, and Kool & The Gang.