Boy Scout giving Spokane refugees a warm welcome

It’s bitterly cold outside, but imagine if you had absolutely nothing and just moved to Spokane in this weather. That’s the case for the refugees who come to the Lilac City.

One Spokane teenager found a way though to give them a warmer welcome.

“I wanted to deliver as many as possible,” says 15-year-old Jared Freedland.

He’s missing class to deliver more than 300 blankets he’s gathered for his Eagle Scout project.

That’s because Jared discovered the need for it. World Relief Spokane helped 600 refugees who moved here last year. The organization sets them up with an apartment, and that includes a blanket. But there’s been a much higher need for those blankets recently, especially with the cold.

“I wasn't aware of how so many people are in need of a home and they seriously come here with nothing. Looking for freedom. And looking for someone to help them out,” Jared says.

Jared is perfectly happy to be that someone and help welcome them to their new home.

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