Bridal shop comes to dressless bride's rescue

It's a continuing nightmare problem for brides-to-be after they say they were ripped off by the owner of a local North Idaho bridal shop. The owner of Cameo Bridal, Misty Ceriello was arrested this week for forgery and grand theft.  

Dozens of brides reached out to KHQ to say they've already paid for their dresses but haven't gotten them and it's been months of waiting around. "I need a dress, obviously but that was the dress. I felt special in that dress. I said yes to that dress and now I have to go through that whole experience again," Keisha McEnaney, a bride who never received her dress after paying twice.

It's a problem that one bridal shop in Spokane Valley is stepping in and hoping to fix. Many women from Cameo Bridal are going to Celestial Selections Bridal because they work with a designer called Casablanca Bridal based out of California. Casablanca Bridal also worked with Cameo Bridal.

"Your bridal gown is such a magical moment and that's been taken away from these ladies and our goal is to give them back a little bit of that magic," said Teresa Akers, Owner of Celestial Selections Bridal, Prom and Formal Wear.

Akers says she's never seen anything like this happen before. Calls have been rolling in from panicked brides-to-be who ordered at Cameo Bridal with no idea where their dress is, asking for help. Akers has taken it upon herself along with her team to save their wedding days. "We have now been working with 18 to 20 brides. We have several more that we are adding to our list on an hourly basis. We started taking names and numbers and started calling the designer and finding out that their gowns were either in production or they had been ordered and that they were waiting for payment," said Akers. Payment that already happened through Cameo Bridal but never got to Casablanca.

Casablanca Bridal said in a statement in part quote, "Unfortunately, circumstances outside of our control sometimes unfold otherwise, as is the case with the unexpected events surrounding Cameo Bridal." While Akers says that may be outside their control, there's something she can do. "I just want people to reach out to us so we can help them," said Akers.

Celestial Selections is open seven days a week. You can call them at (509) 927-4191.

As for payment, most of these women from Cameo Bridal who didn't get their dress are working with their credit card companies, trying to get the charges reversed. If you are going through this situation where you never got your dress from Cameo Bridal, you are asked to file a police report.

KHQ has tried to contact the owner of Cameo Bridal several times but we have not heard back. Ceriello has since posted bail and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

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