Brooklyn ambush robbery caught on camera

An ambush gunpoint robbery inside a Brooklyn store ended with what victims believe was an absolute miracle. And the dramatic chain of events leading to the shocking unmasking of the suspect was all captured on surveillance video.

It happened inside a family-owned store in New York. The suspect sneaks up behind the store owner as he's closing for the night. But the masked man forces the owner, Ahmed Kassem, back into the Super Nice Deli, holding a gun on him. The man is seen punching Kassem repeatedly in the face, but then the 59-year-old deli owner fights back.

The two men struggle over the weapon and Kassem's son behind the counter joins the fight.

The suspect loses the gun, but the father and son don't know he has another one in his waistband, and he uses that one to shoot Kassem.

Meanwhile a customer is seen pushing open the door. He hears the gunshot, turns and runs toward a nearby car. It turns out that car is an undercover NYPD vehicle and four officers leap into action.

When they enter the store, the three are still fighting over the second gun. The officers arrested the suspect and pulled off his mask. It turns the suspect is a neighbor that Kassem's son says his father has helped many times.

Fawzi Ahmed, the owner's son, praised the officers for helping his father and brother and believes if it hadn't been for the NYPD, they wouldn't be alive.

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