Camp Hope Eviction Notice

SPOKANE, Wash. - Friday night, dozens of people in Spokane say they're refusing to give up hope. Specifically, Camp Hope.

The City of Spokane posted an eviction notice Thursday, giving the residents 48 hours to clear out.

The tent city appeared last week at Spokane City Hall and has been growing as a protest to push for warming centers in Spokane. The city's newest warming center is opening Friday night, at the Salem Lutheran Church, in the West Central neighborhood. The people at camp hope, say it isn't enough.

William Victor has been camping in front of City Hall for weeks. He said he'll move Saturday, but will be right back.

"It didn't say that I couldn't come back to the property. So I'm going to wait for them to finish cleaning, then come back and wait for my next 48 hour notice, or my trespassing slip," Victor said.

Victor said he's protesting for some basic human rights, and won't be going to the new warming shelter, because he's tried that plenty of times.

"Doesn't matter where I go, people take my stuff every time I go to sleep," Victor said.

He said camp hope has been a safe place for his things, but more people have joined to abuse the space, not be part of the protest.

Some residents said Saturday, they'll pack up, in fear of losing everything they have. Others, are going to stand their ground, saying the police can't touch them.

Victor said the protest for human rights, that Alfredo LLamedo started last month, can't be stopped.

A spokesperson for the City of Spokane said that this notice to remove property will be enforced, and the police are equipped to handle anyone who is resisting.

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