Campfire safety: do's and don'ts

OREGON - Beginning July 22, no campfires will be allowed in state parks or in state-managed forest east of Interstate 5, even in designated campfire areas, due to increased fire danger and limited firefighting resources.

All charcoal, cooking and warming fires, propane fire pits, candles, tiki torches and pellet-fueled grills and other devices that emit flames or embers will not be allowed.

According to a release, however, portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels and propane or liquid-fueled lanterns are allowed.

Restrictions in other areas should also be anticipated, due to fire danger. Restrictions may also increase as fire danger rises in other parts of Oregon, and will remain in place until conditions moderate.

To view a list of state parks east of Interstate 5, click here.

You can view the Oregon Department of Forestry Fire Restrictions page here.