Campus excited by Gonzaga basketball's No. 1 ranking

Monday was a pretty exciting day for Gonzaga fans everywhere, but especially on campus in Spokane. A large celebration took over the University Center topped off by a cake in the shape of number one.

“I am so excited there is a cake bigger than me,” sophomore Kinzie Famer says. “I’ve been listening to podcasts to see if they would be number one and I am so excited for them,” Farmer adds.

Students all over campus were dressed head to toe in Zag gear to enjoy a sweet slice of victory. “To the naysayers we definitely deserve it,” first year Masters student Matt Clark says. He remembers walking to class four years ago and enjoying cake the last time this happened.

Zag staff Dan Harris said ZagDining was prepared no matter what the polls said, “We were still going to serve it [the cake] with a sign that says should be number one.”

There is no denying the Gonzaga campus was bursting with pride and will continue to be throughout the season. 

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