Can you filter out contaminates using a home filtration system?

We know that the chemicals that have contaminated the water in Airway Heights can't be boiled out of the water.

The long term plan is possibly to install a filtration system on the affected wells.  

But can you filter out the contaminants at home?

Airway Heights City Manager Albert Tripp says they haven't been recommending it because of the ability to have consistency in how filters are installed in a household and whether or not it is changed on a frequent enough basis.

Tripp says it's been shown that carbon filtration system can actually help reduce levels or even remove the contaminants from the water.

That brings up the next question - is there a visible difference between older and newer filters?

KHQ's Katie Chen went out and bought a new Brita filter to compare the inside with an old one- all with the help of our Assistant News Director Jeff.

What did they find?

Old filter: Hadn't been changed in the last six months. It looked clumpy because water's gone through it.

New filter: A difference in color; new one is significantly brighter.

Airway Heights is recommending you only consume bottled water at this point.

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