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What better way to pass some extra time at home than with watching some GOOD DOGS? 

Canine Companions has launched a puppy cam as the non-profit shifts to training its medical assistance dogs from home. The cam is available from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. daily. 

Several Canine Companion staff have taken future assistance dogs into their homes to foster and continue training as various states are in the middle of shelter-in-place or Stay Home orders during the pandemic. Three staff members are also caring for litters of CC puppies in their homes. 

“Our training staff are keeping our mission moving,” says Sarah Birman, Canine Companions director of training and client services. “They are hard at work, training dogs to open their front doors, close their dishwasher, take off socks and alert to important sounds – all from their homes.” 

Canine Companions says over 100 dogs and two litters of puppies were relocated from its Santa Rosa facility, and a total of 420 dogs from their six training centers across the country. 

Canine Companion dogs are expertly trained to assist children, adults and veterans with disabilities in maintaining their independence and safety by helping them with daily tasks - all at no cost to the client. 

Canine Companions says there are over 400 people with disabilities waiting for an assistance dog.

Canine Companions provided several photos of the good doggos as they train from home: