Car stolen during Meals on Wheels delivery

“Really? You're going to steal someone's car doing meals on wheels?”

Sadly, it happened.

“They were very, very upset,” Kris Wright said.

In her five years, Wright, the director for Meals on Wheels in Coeur d’Alene, says she’s never had this happen.

“They have to change all their locks, have to change their phones, their credit cards,” Wright said.

Police say it happened on Wednesday.

The volunteers were out on their route along Fourth Street when they stopped to deliver food.

“They weren't even thirty feet from their car and someone jumped in and stole it,” Wright said.

Along with their livelihood, Wright says the meals, equipment and a list of all the people that need food were inside the Acura.

“That’s a confidentiality thing then I have papers people sign for that and I don't want anybody knowing and I don't want anybody knowing who gets what and that's exposed,” she said.

Wright says she had to send out a message now to all of her drivers warning them of the danger that’s out there.

“Just really a sad situation,” she said.

The car is a grey, four-door, 2010 Acura RDX.

It has an Idaho license plate K596623 and it has an Oregon Ducks sticker on the rear window,

If you’ve seen the Acura or know where it might be, call police immediately.

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