Caught on Camera:Thieves ransack home and take car in North Spokane

SPOKANE, WASH. - It was early Sunday morning when Terri Clarke got a call from the police that her car had been stolen, then dumped.

The Clarke's were on vacation, but having a security system, Terri went to review the footage on her phone, and she saw what every homeowner fears. Thieves walking around her home, all caught on camera.

At around 3 am early Sunday, you can see one of the suspects who are dressed in dark clothing pass by the camera going towards the house. That one suspect didn't act alone according to Terri, "They went through everything in my house. Every drawer, every closet, basically everything," she said. 

According to Terri, the two suspects spent hours inside her house. Now they have to go through the painstaking process of seeing what the suspects had taken.

"They took everything they could take and carry out and put in my car," said Terri.

In the video, you can see the suspects get into Terri's coupe with the family dog seeming a bit confused as to what's happening.

The driver, dressed in all black, carrying a basketball and what appears to be a safe. The passenger, dressed in all gray, is seen carrying two bags full of Terri's belongings then backing out.

The car was later dumped in front of someone's home.

"The people who own the property they abandoned it on called it in, and the police went up and traced it back to my house of course," added Terri.

If you have any information or recognize the individuals in the security video, you're asked to call Crime Check (509) 456-2233.

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