CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Lightning strike nearly hits Hayden woman

HAYDEN, Idaho- A Hayden woman thinks she was electrocuted by lightning during a thunderstorm.  She isn't positive whether or not it actually struck her, but she says she did feel its impact. Her daughter was also filming the storm, and caught the event on tape. It happened Tuesday evening when a storm system rolled through, bringing lightning, thunder, rain and hail.

This is what the woman wrote on her Facebook page:

"So you know how some people say that they're the luckiest person on the planet? Well.. I do believe that my mother and I can now take that title. Being about a foot from being struck by lightning, and my mom getting her phone thrown from her hand by lightning, and us both going deaf for about a minute."

We received another video from Hayden, Idaho that shows cars driving through flooded streets. Several people also sent in pictures of large balls of hail. The weather should be relatively calm Tuesday night into Wednesday, before a cool down.

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