Spokane Police arrest two people in connection to recent carjacking and shooting

Spokane County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes detectives concluded their investigation into the level of involvement that Spokane Police officer John Arredondo had during a bizarre kidnapping case back in May.

Court documents say two men, identified as  Sherard Henderson and Jamar Dickerson, believed a woman stole $50,000 in drug money from them. They kidnapped her in an attempt to make her pay. According to the documents the woman was stabbed with a knife, hit with a frying pan and dragged by her hair through a parking lot.

Then police say Dickerson and two women showed up to Arredondo's house. Police Chief Meidl placed Arredondo on leave during the investigation.

At the conclusion of this investigation, it was forwarded to the Spokane County Prosecutors Office for review which resulted in criminal charges of Rendering Criminal Assistance (2-counts), False Swearing (1 count) and Tampering with Physical Evidence (1-count) being filed Tuesday afternoon in Spokane County Superior Court.

During the investigation, detectives found no evidence or learned of any accusations involving criminal conduct of any other member of the Spokane Police Department.    

Spokane Police Department Administration has been advised of the investigation and findings. 

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