We have an unbelievable update to a story we first told you about in October. A Chattaroy family is over the moon today because their dog is finally back home!

Luna went missing on Oct. 24th. We covered her story, because in the process of searching for her near woods, her family spotted a cougar near Chattaroy Elementary School. They alerted authorities, who put the school into a lockout. For student and neighborhood safety, agents with Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife ultimately killed the cougar, but Luna was never found.

But this past weekend, a miracle: Luna was found safe! She was found up near the intersection of Highway 211 and Newport Highway, which is more than 20 miles from where she went missing.

Her family wrote to us, saying “can you believe it? It’s a miracle! It’s an amazing story of faith, community, hope and perseverance. We’re so grateful to so many people!”

In all, Luna was missing for more than 2 and a half months, and she appears to be in pretty good health, but as you can tell by the picture: Luna is happy to be home!