With fires to the west in Grant County and fires to the north in Canada, the 2019 fire season is off to a hot, windy and dry start.

“It's not even just important, it's necessary,” Shalene Harris said.

Now more than ever, the need for defensible spaces is paramount in protecting your family and your property.

It’s a tiring task, one that takes days, but that’s where the “G-team” comes in.

You guessed it, goats.

Their mission, clear the noxious weeds and underbrush that add fuel to fires.

“We're finding that these goats can clear off a half acre a day of moderate growth. If there's a little more brush then it will take a little bit longer to do,” Les Camp said.

Camp and Harris own Leshay Ranch just south of Cheney.

They say each home presents its own challenges and surfaces where the goats roam.

“They are able to go onto rocky ground, steep hillsides, they are able to go up to wet ground,” Camp said.

The pair bring with them two Great Pyreness as guard dogs and an electric fence to keep predators out.

Per goat, Camp says the price can range between $10-$30 for the day to rent, but the need for defensible space is worth every dollar.

“We're very concerned about the fires that have been going on for the last few years and we would like something to help with that,” Camp said.

If you’d like to learn more about Leshay Ranch, visit them on their Facebook page.

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