Three arrested in drug bust on Pullman's College Hill

A Cheney woman is in the Spokane County jail, accused of molesting her child on camera.

Court documents say 40-year-old Hilda Emerson video chatted with men she met on Craigslist, sexually abusing her child while they watched. In return she asked for rent money.   

Court documents say a convicted sexual predator tipped off investigators to her alleged behavior.

Cheney Police received a tip in early April through the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. According to court records, an investigation began in 2017 when two men were arrested in Minnesota. Court documents say the men had been communicating through the app KIK when one of the men offered the other the opportunity to have sex with his 14-month old daughter. Investigators say one man traveled to Minnesota for that purpose and they were arrested.

During questioning, one of the men, Bryan Hogle, he told investigators about a woman he'd been communicating with in Washington. He told investigators that he would give them more information and access to his cell phone in exchange for consideration at his sentencing. Investigators say they found "lengthy conversations" between Hogle and the woman, identified in court documents as Hilda Emerson. 

Hogle told investigators he met Emerson through an ad on Craigslist. Hogle said the two would communicate on Facetime. According to court documents, Emerson molested a young child on camera during a KIK session in the summer of 2016.

Investigators say in one conversation, Emerson asked Hogle for money to pay her rent. Hogle said she offered him a child to abuse in exchange for two thousand dollars. Investigators don't believe that transaction ever took place.

According to court documents, investigators used a cell phone number to track down Emerson, who was living in Wenatchee at the time of the conversations. She moved to Cheney a short time later. 

Since moving to Cheney, investigators say there had been two CPS referrals. In early 2018, investigators say CPS received information that Hilda had thrown an object at one of her children, hurting them in the stomach. When CPS investigated, "there were no marks to corroborate the claim." 

CPS later disclosed Emerson lost custody of two children in 2010.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Emerson's home and storage units. They seized a computer, two cell phones and a camera. 

Emerson was booked into the Spokane County Jail on April 24th under the charge of Promoting Commercial Sex Abuse of a Minor.

Emerson is being held on a 100-thousand dollars bond.

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