Cheney woman celebrates 110th birthday

"There's days she just gets tickled and tells everyone how old she is," says Jerri Carver, Flossie Dickey's granddaughter. 

Flossie Dickey is 110 years old.  To really tell Flossie's story we have to take you back in time to the early 1900's - 1906 to be exact - as the history we all know was still the future. 

Dickey lived through the sinking of the Titanic, both world wars, the Great Depression, the domestic use of electricity, and the invention of television.  She's been around for the assassination of President Kennedy, putting a man on the moon, the Civil Rights movement, 9/11, and the age of technology. 

Flossie Dickey has lived through nineteen US presidents. 

She's seen generation after generation be brought into her family. On February 18th on her very special 110th year, she was surrounded by loved ones to celebrate her life. 

Carver, now in her late sixties, says her grandmother was always who she turned to when she needed someone.  "Her legacy is that you have to work for what you need and want in this world.  Nothing should be handed to you."

"She's admired by so many people," says Carver.   

For Flossie there is no secret to her longevity.  While she is described by all of her family as having been a hard worker, her youngest son Clyde who's now in his eighties says there is one thing she prefers to do above all else.   

"Anymore I think she just likes to go to her room and sleep," says Clyde Dickey.   "I can't believe she ever got to be 110!" 

When I asked him if he thinks he'll make it to 110, he responded with certainty.  "Damn, I hope not."