Three arrested on felony burglary charges

GRANT COUNTY, Wash. - Two children were injured and another killed after their mother became distracted while reaching for her cell phone while driving.

Alma Rosa Avila-Juarez, 25, was driving with three of her children on Dodson Road when, according to Avila-Juarez, she became distracted while reaching for her phone. 

The car she was driving drifted to the west side of Dodson Road and into the shoulder. Avila-Juarez attempted to correct the action and over-corrected losing control of her vehicle.

The car went off the road and rolled coming to rest at the bottom of a steep but short embankment. 

Two of her children were properly restrained in booster seats, however 6-year-old Carla Morales was not properly seated in the appropriate child restraint and was partially ejected during the rollover.

All four of the victims in the crash were attended to by passing motorists and CPR was attempted on 6-year old Carla but she died at the scene.

The other children suffered injuries but none were life threatening along with their mother and they were transported to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake for treatment.  

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