Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart announces his run for Spokane Mayor 2019

Two-term City Council President Ben Stuckart is no stranger when it comes to running for office.On Friday afternoon he resurrected his mayoral campaign that was suspended while he was pursuing Eastern Washington's congressional seat. But Stuckart dropped out of that race in June citing family health concerns

On Friday afternoon, City Council President Ben Stuckart made his announcement. Stuckart used the old McKinley school building as a backdrop. He addressed several issues he'd take on as mayor from property crime to hiring more police officers and raising the median income in Spokane. " I would like to build on our cities recent successes, but I want to address its shortcomings. We need more housing, and we need it now. We need to raise the median household income for our city. We need to address property crime that continues to plague our city," said Stuckart.

When it came down to adding more police to the streets, Stuckart says there's no question that Spokane needs more "We need 30 more police officers, and I don't think its just in the patrol that we need more police officers. I believe with our NRO program our Neighborhood Resource Officers I hear from citizens on how great they are."

Stuckart admitted and was open that he is a flawed candidate. Having been serving on city council and passing ordinances from placing rocks under the freeway to drive away homeless and the live PD controversy "I have a lengthy legislative record, I've done controversial things, I've worked on legislation  from food trucks to campaign finance reform to reality television."

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