City of Cheney issues mandatory lawn irrigation shutdown

The City of Cheney is enacting a mandatory shutdown of residents and businesses watering their lawns. 

On June 30, the City of Cheney lost one of its largest production wells due to mechanical failure. Since then, the City's water reservoirs have been reduced to critically low levels. Because of this, there has been an immediate lawn watering shutdown to replenish the reservoirs. 

It is okay to water vegetable gardens and flowers, but if you live in Cheney, you're being asked to use water wisely. 

The City says they believe the well will be fixed in the next couple of weeks. 

It is believed that if everyone complies with the mandate, the reservoirs should be at a safe level to possibly provide restricted, limited lawn irrigation next week. 

Spokane County is also asking people who live within Spokane County Water District 3 to ration your water as well. If you have an even numbered address, they ask that you only water your lawn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have an odd numbered address, they ask that you water your lawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 

If you're unsure what water district you live in, you can find maps that will show you, by clicking here

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