The City of Spokane has a plan to improve Lime scooter safety downtown, and it starts with keeping parked scooters out of the middle of the sidewalks.

The city is about to add five new parking zones specifically for Lime scooters. The city says it might add up to 40 additional parking locations after they evaluate the zones’ effectiveness. City officials say they want to keep the scooters from blocking sidewalks and causing issues for people with disabilities who can’t easily move them.

The city also plans to install “Walk Your Wheels” signs and stencils around downtown sidewalks as a reminder for scooter riders. They expect the stenciling to begin on Friday, July 19. The Spokane City Council has approved $59,050 for the project, and officials say the funds will come from fees that Lime pays the city to operate here.

The first five locations will be located in the following areas.

  • Motorcycle parking in front of City Hall
  • Main Ave between Division and Browne
  • Wall Street and Riverside by the STA Plaza
  • First and Monroe
  • Fifth location is TBD