Pothole on Cedar

SPOKANE, Wash. They're back, and we're talking about potholes. Right now the weather is creating a perfect storm for them to pop up "Mother nature gives us an interesting mix. You mix some sun and some melting snow and stir it together and freeze it overnight and get potholes," said City of Spokane Spokeswoman Marlene Feist.

City of Spokane Spokeswoman Marlene Feist says with the asphalt plants closed for a few more weeks. City crews are out patching the potholes before giving them a permanent fix "We have four vehicles two trailers and two trucks that allow us to heat that material and really allow for a much better adhesion to those potholes."

So far this year the City of Spokane has filled a staggering 1,300 potholes. Most of them were filled in January when there wasn't much snow. By comparison, the City of Spokane Valley has filled 34 since January 1st.

This summer when road construction is in full swing and the asphalt plants are open the city will be trying something new "It's called a slurry seal and so it's a different kind of way to seal the surface of the road from water," added Feist.

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