walk your wheels

SPOKANE, Wash. - Love them or hate them the Lime Scooters and Bikes are here to stay in Spokane. 

But the City of Spokane is trying to make sure they're keeping the scooters from blocking sidewalks causing issues for people with disabilities who can't quickly move them.

We met Michael Gossett strolling the streets downtown. He says the scooters are great as long as people who ride them follow the rules. 

But he is skeptical that happens "It might in some ways. But you're still going to have the scooters do what they want," Gossett said. 

Michael is talking about scooter users blowing by others on sidewalks when people are walking out of stores or their apartments.

So what else is the city spending money on? They've painted stencils on the ground in downtown Spokane making signs that say "Please walk your wheels** as a reminder for people on scooters, skateboards, and bikes.

But it cost the city a pretty penny to have all of this done. The Spokane City Council approved nearly $60,000 for this project and said the money comes from the fees that lime pays the city to operate here.

 Now the five locations are located at:

  • Motorcycle parking in front of City Hall
  • Main Ave between Division and Browne
  • Wall Street and Riverside by the STA Plaza
  • First and Monroe
  • Fifth location is TBD

While the parking spaces might be a good idea, Mike says frankly he thinks the signs were a waste of money because he doubts most riders will follow the suggestion. "I'd like to have a dollar for everyone that blows it. I'd be a rich man. it might impact some of it, I doubt it."

The city says it might add up to 40 additional parking locations after they evaluate the zones’ effectiveness.