City of Spokane totals $3 million in wind storm damage


"It's still gonna take about 6 months before they have everything done," homeowner, Kathy Kangas stated.

Her and her husband Steve Kangas, experienced a treacherous morning back in January's windstorm when a tree landed smack in the middle of their bed. 

Now over a month later, they are still paying the price.

"We figure with our outta pocket costs-figuring about $90,000- we are probably close to $70,000 already," Kangas added.

With gusts hitting 71 mph, the Spokane metro area saw hundreds of downed trees and powerlines, putting thousands of families out of power, and some out of a home.

If it cost $90,000 to fix one house, you can imagine how much it cost to repair all of that.

On Monday, The Spokane City Council met to discuss exactly that.

"We compiled subjective costs of the storm and submitted to the department of emergency management for FEMA reimbursement and like I said we were not eligible at that time but since then we have gone up to over 3 million in costs across the city so we have been pushed up to that level," Accounting Director for the City of Spokane, Michelle Hughes said.

Over $3 million dollars to restore power, remove trees, and repair park damage, all during a pandemic.

Many residents are *still* paying their *own* cost from January 13th. They say you should always be prepared.

"Don't trust these pines, they are huge, and they can come down in no time. They can look healthy- and I'm sure they were, but they can still come down," Kathy Kangas said.