SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Classes at East Valley High School have been canceled for Friday, Feb. 14, following the discovery of a written threat in a boys' bathroom. 

According to a post from East Valley School District Superintendent Kelly Shea, the threat, which was discovered earlier this week, warned kids to stay home on Friday or they would be shot up. Since then, building administrators and law enforcement have been conducting an investigation. 

Thanks to tips provided by a parent and some students, the school district believes they have narrowed down who is responsible for writing the message. However, they are unable to determine who it is with absolute certainty. 

Due to the nature of the threat, which included specific use of violence against students and staff, the decision was made to cancel classes at the high school on Friday. All other schools in the district will remain open and run on normal schedules. 

The rest of the statement from Shea reads as follows:

"Though I am not convinced this is a credible threat, I am not comfortable having students attend school. As a result, we are required by law to make up the lost day as well as the instructional hours. The day will be made up either May 22 or June 12. The Board of Directors and I will make this determination at our next regularly scheduled Board meeting on February 25.

"Since this threat is specifically for Friday during school hours, we are going to allow the normal athletic activities to occur as scheduled. We have teams and individuals who have worked very hard this season to accomplish their goals. As we enter the state playoff season, prohibiting our student athletes to participate will end their seasons prematurely.

"It is very unfortunate for our students to be in this situation and to have their educational opportunities disrupted by the actions of one or possibly a couple students. When we identify the person or people responsible for making this threat, the matter will be turned over to law enforcement and the county prosecutor to determine what charges, if any, are filed against these individuals.

"I am very sorry your children have had to endure these events for the past three months. My hope is that we will find who is responsible very soon. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support."