Tyler Dante

COEUR D'ALENE - A 22-year old Coeur d’Alene man is behind bars tonight, accused of bringing a gun to Target and was later arrested for stalking.

Court documents say Tyler Dante was waiting outside of the Target on Canfield Avenue for the alleged victim to come out.

This is not the first time Dante’s presence was unwanted. Court documents indicate Dante had been showing up to places that she frequented for the last two weeks.

“Tyler has showed up uninvited to the victim’s home, work and school multiple times,” an affidavit states. “Tyler at one point threatened to shoot whoever dropped the victim off somewhere.”

Staff at the Target told police they spotted Dante making several laps throughout the store and hung out next to the alleged victim’s car.

From there, staff members called police, but Dante had already left the parking lot.

Moments later, police were able to catch up with Dante on Prairie Avenue.

Police located a Smith and Wesson .40 loaded with hollow point ammunition in the Dante’s driver side door, documents say.

Dante admitted to police that he called the victim a large number of times; court documents say Dante called the victim 16 times in a four-hour span.

Dante is charged with first-degree stalking and is currently in the Kootenai County Jail on a $90,000 bond.

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