Coeur d'Alene Special Olympian defies odds, gives back in a meaningful way

In the dog days of summer, Jim Kinnard takes another lap.

He’s a junior at Lake City High School and is a member of the cross country and track team.

“Usually Jim comes in last when he's out with his high school team but they're all out there cheering him on,” Jann Kinnard, Jim’s mother said.

It’s remarkable that Jim is even able to run.

“When Jim was born we knew he had a lot of health issues right at the very start, and Stanford doctors told us early on that they didn't think Jim would be able to walk or talk,” she said.

Jim has a rare form of cerebral palsy that comes with a host of developmental delays, anxiety, and a history of seizures.

Jann says that doesn’t stop him.

“He's running half marathons, he's training for his first triathlon,” she said.

In fact, he pushes harder. With each stride he strives for gold.

“I beat a six-time state champion,” Jim said.

Humble, he is.

Jim took home two golds and a silver medal at this summer's Special Olympics in Idaho.

Now, he’s going to take it one step further, this time helping somebody else.

“He just joined Team Hoyt Couer d'Alene and that is a great group of volunteers out pushing,” Jann said, “they have a couple of race chairs and they are out there pushing disabled, special needs people in races, giving them the opportunity that they would normally not be a part of."

The race that Jim is taking part in is called the “Buddy Race” and it’ll be in Coeur d’Alene near North Idaho College.

If you want to cheer him and many others on, the race is at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 20th.