COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - On August 3rd, Coeur d'Alene Public Schools said that they will be monitoring the COVID-19 cases in the area and will be making a decision when school gets closer.

Currently, they are working on dashboard on their website which will monitor COVID-19 activity in the area with data from health districts. It will also show the current risk level that the area is in based on the numbers.

They are taking this to the school district on Monday, Aug. 17 and that is when they will announce what stage they will be starting in.

CdA Schools said the plan to have students in school will depend on the status of COVID-19 in the community. At times, it may be decided that it's too risky to have all students in school at the same time.

If that becomes the case, the district will switch to blended learning, which is a mix of classroom and distance learning. During this phase, students would be in classrooms two days a week (Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday) and use technology at home to continue their learning the other three days.

If the community begins to experience a high level of coronavirus activity that makes in-person learning too risky, the district will activate distance learning, which will include full-time online instruction for the duration of the heightened risk.

They will approve their decision formally on August 24th.

"We know our families and employees have a million questions right now, we are working hard to answer those, we are still figuring out a lot on our end, but we are optimistic that they can go back to school at least part time this fall," said Scott Maben with CdA Schools.

No matter the decision, the district said if you do not feel comfortable sending your kid back to school, you can sign them up for eSchool. Currently, the district said 350-400 students in the district have already signed up for all online school. The district says they will be taking registrations until the morning of the August 24th.

When it comes to athletics, Maben says three student-athletes in the district have tested positive for COVID-19 including two from Coeur d'Alene High School and one from Lake City High School. The student-athletes compete in the sports of football, baseball and volleyball.

CdA Schools said aside from the student-athletes testing positive in July, there haven't been any other outbreaks in the district. The students contracted the virus outside of school activities, were isolated and prevented from spreading it.