Coffee Stand Billboard Brewing Up Controversy

A new traveling coffee stand advertisement is brewing up controversy across the Inland Northwest. The sign is a picture of a nearly nude woman advertising for 2nd Base Espresso on Sprague in Spokane Valley, but the owner also runs Big Shots Espresso on Division in Spokane. The owner of the store brings the traveling sign between both locations.

The woman who runs the stands said Tuesday that she is not concerned about the frustration from some members of the community. She told us she remains focused on running her business and supporting her family. Not everyone agrees.

“I think women should have more self respect than that and they don’t and that just baffles me,” Kevina Howe said.

Howe said she has no problem with the business operating however they want, but she does not think that sign should be allowed on the streets for everyone to see. Amanda Bennett is the girl on the sign and she told us that she has a family too and she believes that this sign shows nothing more than a family would see if they went to the beach.

The city of Spokane code enforcement called us back late this afternoon and told us a brief review of their code said that the sign is not allowed in the city of Spokane. As for the Valley, we still have not received an answer on what is or what is not allowed.