Colbert murder victim's mother: "I forgive him"

Patty Baldwin remembers her youngest daughter Lisa as a rambunctious spirit that loved the outdoors, and always preferred to be seated atop a horse.

“She was a beautiful girl inside and out,” Baldwin said.

Lisa Canfield was murdered last Tuesday along with her husband Terry and her son John. The crime left Lisa's 81-year-old mother in disbelief, but since her daughter passed Baldwin says she's been the rock holding her family together.

“I have a great faith,” she said. “I am ministering for everyone else. Putting their hearts at ease. Everyone is taking this hard and I'm not.”

That's because she says she'll be with her daughter again in heaven.

As for Roy Murry, the man police say carried out those horrific murders, Baldwin says she has forgiven him. She says he was always a little “different,” and she was concerned when her granddaughter was married to him. Baldwin said when police ruled the deaths homicides, she immediately knew who was behind them.

“I feel sorry for him,” she said. “Nobody in their right mind would do what he did.”

That's why she hopes everyone can find forgiveness, as she already has, for the man authorities believe killed three people she loved so dearly.

“Their lives county for something,” she said.

“If they live on in memories, they're not gone.”

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