Cold case: Spokane's own Jane Doe, dismembered, dumped in multiple locations

Any homicide detective will tell you, the first step to solving a murder is knowing your victim. Who were they? Why would anyone want them dead? Without a name, it's next to impossible for a case to move forward. SPD detectives know this all too well with Spokane's very own Jane Doe.

On June 20th, 1984 a nude woman's body was found in the Spokane River. Whoever murdered her took gruesome extremes to prevent police from making an ID. Her head, wrists and feet were severed off. It would be 14 more years until there was anything new on the case.

By April of 1998, the victim's skull was found in an abandoned lot on Spokane's lower south hill. A woman walking her dog spotted it near 7th and Sherman. DNA confirmed it was a match to the torso. An extensive search of the lot turned up nothing else.

Experts were able to determine the victim was between 20 and 35-years-old. She was about 5'7 with a medium build. An artist released a sketch (included) showing what they may have looked like.

An autopsy also revealed she had at least one child during her lifetime. That means somewhere out there, someone is wondering what happened to their mother.

The case is being investigated by SPD as a homicide. If you have any information call 509.456.2233, reference medical examiner case number 84-0002. 

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