Community impacted by Yale Road Fire rally for one another

ROCKFORD, Wash. – Hundreds gathered on the Freeman High School football field Thursday night to share food, stories, and stand together.

Potluck organizer, Sheri Coumont, says she posted the idea on Facebook, it took off, and more than 400 people RSVP’d.

“It’s for the firefighters, it’s for the community, and it’s for the farmers,” said Coumont. “We’re a family and we protect each other.”

The Yale Road Fire destroyed 10 homes and burned thousands of acres. It killed more than 300 of Dale and Cathy Dietrich’s sheep.

“We felt broken but we don’t feel broken now and we can see the light ahead,” said Cathy. “We owe it to this community.”

While the fire has come and gone, the potluck was an opportunity for the community to show that they will remain strong.

“I think the fire showed us how strong we are as a community,” said Barb Lashaw. “It wasn’t the fire that brought us together but it showed us how much we care about each other.”

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