Community comes together to help local business owner

Earlier this year, one local woman was in danger of losing her house. The community rallied together to help her save it.

“We’re celebrating it because we made our goal!" says Alaura Borg, one of Shele’s friends who helped out.

It's been a summer-long project for these folks to save Shele's store and home - Shele's Bargain Barn.

“There's been a lot of sweat and tears and laughs,” Borg says.

Shele's friends took on the task of raising $25,000 by the initial September deadline by liquidating items in the store and they say it was a rollercoaster ride.

“If that goal wasn't met, Shele was going to lose her home. She was going to lose her store.

Shele wasn't feeling well to speak with KHQ Saturday, but in July, she said, “In my past I needed help. Now I guess I need help again but my theory is what comes around goes around.”

But there’s still more to be done and more changes to come. The store will become Green Acres Vendor Mall run by some of Shele’s friends who helped. They’ll also move the Shele's Bargain Barn sign above Shele's home as a way to remember the store. They still have to continue to make mortgage payments to keep it, but they say they have the support of the community.

“A lot of people have learned to care about the situation,” Borg says.

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