A company wants to pay you $1,000 to ditch Starbucks and other corporate coffee joints for a month in favor of local shops. is looking for an applicant who can give up corporate coffee for local coffee for a full month and document the experience. Some of that documentation includes tracking and comparing costs, benefits and potential setbacks of transitioning to the buy-local approach for daily coffee fixes.

The requirements for applicants include:

• Our ideal candidate seriously loves their coffee. They’re also willing to share their experience going local.

• Must be a self-professed Starbucks addict

• Must be willing to share your experience on your own social channels

• Must commit to a buy-local lifestyle to satisfy your coffee needs for a full month

• Maintaining a strong social presence is a plus but not required

The position requires you to visit at least eight locally-owned coffee shops throughout the month, taking photos at each shop, logging key metrics and writing a short summary on the experience.

Aside from the obvious perk of getting paid to drink coffee, there are no office hours, drug tests, background checks along with being feature on the website's blog.

The company will pay 25 percent of the payment upon hiring and the remaining amount at the completion of the job.