Company Owner Says 'Taxi War' Is Brewing In Coeur d'Alene

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - As Coeur d'Alene grows, so does its taxi business. According to city records there are at least 10 registered taxi companies in town, and for one company, it says competition is heating up, but not in a friendly way.

At least in the minds of some like Tina Smith who spends her day at the office driving. Scott's Taxi, the company she drives for, has been the target of recent acts of vandalism.

"We've noticed a couple things that have been kind of odd. Our cars have been rifled through. We've lost a couple of GPS', " said Smith.

Last week, that escalated as one of the 9-cars in the fleet received an unwanted new paint job. That damage was white spray paint all over the side and trunk of the car. The company was able to get the paint off, rather than have to re-paint the entire vehicle.

Dimberg and company drivers believe they're being targeted by other local cab companies. Police are investigating the incidents, but at this point have no evidence to point them to who may be responsible.

KHQ called a half dozen companies in town and out of the four we got a hold of, the companies say its cars have not been vandalized. One company, Collins Taxi, said about two weeks ago all the tires on all three of their cabs were flat one morning and that was the extent of it.

But again police at this point have nothing indicating Scott's is being targeted.

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