SPOKANE, Wash. - While Mayor David Condon was unable to attend, several other managers and directors for the city kicked off the 2019 construction season with a briefing.

Scott Simmons, the public works director of Spokane, said the 2019 season will be another busy one with about $50 million of construction planned. The planned projects will aim toward improving roadways, protect the river, and replace water and sewer lines. 

" As part of our strategic plan,  we're working to improve the experience for the traveling public, from motorists, to bicyclists, pedestrians to mass transit riders," Simmons said.

The briefing was held at Euclid and Green in north Spokane, a significant location, Simmons said, because an ongoing project in the area will be moving water out of the way for the north/south corridor.

In addition to continued work on the North South Corridor, other construction projects that can be expected during the 2019 season include:


Cincinnati Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Euclid Avenue

East Central Stormwater Project

CSO Outfall Repairs

East Central Stormwater Project

Euclid Avenue Water and Sewer from Market Street to Ralph Street

River Infiltration Reduction from Mission to Spokane River

Rowan Water & Sewer Force Main from Haven Street to Myrtle Street

Spokane Street Preservation North, Phase 1


33rd Avenue from Bernard Street to Division Street

Geiger Boulevard Utility Improvements - Phase I 

Havana Well Drilling at 5th Avenue 

High System Reservoir 31st Avenue and Napa Street

Interceptor I-O7c Riverside Facility & CSO Basin 34-1 Control Facility 

Spotted Road to Allman Road Sewer Replacement

Sunset Boulevard from Royal Street to Lindeke Street

Sunset Reservoir Rehabilitation Project West of Carousel/Canyon

Central Avenue Well #2 Rehabilitation


Driscoll Sidewalk from Wellesley Avenue to Bismark Street

Five Mile – Kempe to Woodridge Transmission Main

Five Mile Booster Station from Belt Street to Woodside Avenue

Five Mile Road from Lincoln Road to Strong Road

Francis/Alberta Intersection Geometric Improvement 

Indian Trail Road Street Improvements from Kathleen to Barnes

Rossmoor Ridge Force Main Replacement

Spokane Street Preservation North, Phase 1


2nd & 3rd Avenue Stormwater Piping 

CSO Basin 24 Control Facility

CSO Basin 26 Control Facility

CSO Outfall Repairs

Erie Stormwater Facility from Front Avenue to Trent Avenue

Maple Street Gateway and 4th Avenue Living Wall

MLK Jr. Way/Riverside Drive Phase 2B

South Gorge Trail from Water/Ash to Clarke/Riverside

Sprague Avenue Rebuild Phase 2

Sprague/Sherman Bridge Plaza 

Triangle Truss Bridge Deck Replacement

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