Judge orders another delay for Duncan jurors

BOISE, Idaho. - A man who was convicted of murdering four people and sentenced to death for one of the murders has filed a notice of appeal in federal court.

Duncan Archives

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Joseph Edward Duncan III was given three death sentences and three life imprisonment sentences in federal court earlier this year for the 205 kidnapping, sexual abuse and torture of 9-year-old Dylan Groene and 8-year-old Shasta Groene, and for Dylan's murder.

He was also given three life imprisonment sentences in state court for the murder of their older brother, Slade Groene, their mother, Brenda Groene, and her fiance, Mark McKenzie.

On Monday, Duncan filed a document informing the federal court that he intends to appeal his conviction, sentences, and the rulings that U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge made during the course of the federal case.

Duncan is next expected to be tried for the 1997 abduction and slaying of 10-year-old Anthony Martinez in Riverside, California

Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty in that case as well.

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