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Wednesday evening, the Washington State Department of Health released a statement after the Spokane Regional Health District released information about five coronavirus patients who are traveling to Spokane to be treated at Sacred Heart Medical Center:

The Department of Health stands ready to support the Spokane Regional Health District and Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane in preparation for the arrival of 5 individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. We want to reiterate that the risk to the public from COVID-19 remains low.

The health workers at Sacred Heart in Spokane are trained to offer the safest, highest quality care to their patients. Sacred Heart’s Special Pathogens Unit is specially equipped to treat patients with infectious diseases as well.

We have the highest confidence in the medical professionals assisting with the care and transport for these people and we remain committed to assisting our partners in Spokane as needed. 


SPOKANE, Wash. - Four patients who tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus are being transferred to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, according to the Spokane Regional Health District. 

The SRHD said Providence will be working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Washington State Department of Health while they are under isolation. 

Dr. Bob Lutz, Spokane County Health Officer said, “we are coordinating with local partners to safely transport these patients to Sacred Heart. This is all being done following our jointly developed infectious disease protocols that we train and prepare for. The risk to the public from this novel coronavirus remains low.”

The exact timeline for the patients is not yet known but they are expected to arrive in Spokane within the next two days. 

The SRHD said Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center was selected because of its secured airborne infection isolation rooms. They are one of 10 hospitals in the country with this specialized treatment center.

Regular hospital operations will not be impacted.